This seems to be the first part of a cycle. I create a blog to share my thoughts and ideas. I gain anonymity by doing so via a handle (albeit one that many people in my real life know.) I express myself in a way which I find cathartic and hopefully helpful to others. But over time I grow bored of such long posts. It takes time and effort to form the ideas in my head into an article which can be consumed in such a way. So much easier to go on social media and dash off an emotion-fueled sentence or paragraph. Sure you lose the anonymity but aside from a few ideas which could get me in trouble (this is something I need to rant about often - the concept that an idea or thought could cause issues is infuriating to me) it’s mostly safe. Then I start to get frustrated by social media. I get frustrated by the constant arguments which go nowhere. I get frustrated by people taking any criticism of their ideas as personal attacks. I get frustrated by the politics and theology of it all - so poorly laid out - so tribalistic - so unhelpful. And I give up - and I end up back here for my catharsis. So here we go again! Let’s hope it still works.